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Security status of Safe4:

  • Independent tests show that Safe4 is among the most secure 0.8% of sites on the Internet, out of more than 1.2 million tested.
  • Safe4 uses only UK-based data centres, accredited to the ISO 27001 security standard.
  • Safe4 has been accredited under the UK Government’s Cyber Essentials scheme.  This has just been successfully renewed for the year ending March 2017.
  • Safe4 has also been recognised as meeting the requirements for IASME (Information Assurance for Small and Medium Enterprises).
  • Unlike other data storage services (such as Google, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft etc) Safe4 has an excellent record of availability.  For example, for February 2016 independent tests show that we had 100% availability.  Google went down again this week.
  • Safe4 treats all customer data as sacrosanct, and will never intrude on the contents of documents uploaded to a client’s vault.  Other major providers do not all offer this, and several will probe customer’s confidential data in order to advertise products to them.
  • Safe4 does not carry any advertising, and never will.


Benefits for Inheritance Vault Clients:

  • Completely safe storage for all inheritance documents, including wills, lasting powers of attorney, trusts, deeds, letters of wishes etc.
  • Can be used to hold information that will be useful during the testator’s life:  copies of passport and identity documents, banking and financial information, records relating to home and car ownership, insurances, investments, education etc.
  • Probate will be shortened by 3-4 months if all the documents needed to complete the administration of the estate are available and up to date.
  • The client can store their “digital legacy”.  This can cover all of the activities that they wish to pass on to their families, such as treasured photos and videos, family recipes, stories, and a wide range of other memories.
  • The vault is secure enough to hold details of passwords and PINs for online accounts, in a completely private area that only the client can see.  This can be made available to the executor upon the client’s death.
  • Access to social media accounts can also be stored – email, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.


My own personal experiences after my parents’ deaths:

  • All financial and other records were scanned and available immediately to myself and my sister, who lived in South Africa.
  • Information relating to funeral plans had all been captured in the vault.  This was exceedingly helpful in making funeral arrangements.
  • A library of photographs of my father, taken at different stages of his life, were held in the vault and used at the funeral.
  • The music from both funerals was held in the vault, and remains as a permanent memory.
  • My father had a distinguished record in the Royal Air Force during the second world war.  His RAF log book was scanned and held in the vault, and made available to the RAF Museum at Hendon.


Background on Safe4:

  • Safe4 was formed in 2010 with the specific intention of creating a means for professional practitioners to exchange confidential documents with their clients and other external parties.
  • This was done to protect professionals from the risks of using email, which is today’s leading source of online crime.
  • It was also intended that Safe4 should provide a secure alternative to systems such as Dropbox.
  • Safe4 is a UK business, owned and managed by the 3 founder members.


Please give us a call for further information on 08006 125019 or email us at: info@willstore.org.uk

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